Morse Investigations, LLC is a privately owned and operated investigation services company located in Denver, Colorado. Our investigations focus primarily on corporate and personal fraud mitigation and examination, forensic accounting analysis, and individual or small business asset valuations. We are dedicated to our clients and work tirelessly to bring our clients fast, accurate and meaningful information and reports. Please contact us for more information to see if we could be helpful with your case.

Kelsey Morse is a licensed private investigator with an extensive background in the finance and accounting professions. As a graduate of Tulane University with a degree in Finance, Kelsey worked in the New York City public education sector in a finance and accounting department. After moving to Chicago, Kelsey continued working in the accounting department of a public education company, and then transferred to CNA, where she worked as an investment accountant for the company's public portfolio. Now in Denver, Kelsey is putting her financial accounting skills to work helping corporations, small business, and attorneys with their forensic accounting needs. 



Corporate Financial Services

Morse Investigations, LLC assists corporations in the midst of financial fraud, employee fraud, or theft cases by providing a formal reported analysis of the data, people and events involved in such cases. Morse Investigations, LLC also provides full investigative services to attorneys hired to represent corporations in business valuations or other corporate financial mitigation and examination needs. 

Personal Financial Services

Morse Investigations, LLC provides consulting to attorneys hired to conduct asset valuations, calculate economic damages or identify financial discrepancies between individuals or in the event of a marriage dissolution. Morse Investigations, LLC also provides fraud mitigation strategies to individuals, small businesses or clients to prevent fraud from happening in the work pace.

Digital Forensic Services

Morse Investigations, LLC offers a variety of forensic digital investigation services and helps identify and preserve digital evidence for cases involving financial fraud and theft.


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